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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Interesting Google Tricks of I'm Feeling Lucky

Google is one most popular and largest website in the world of web. Near about millions of people around world use Google to search about  information they want. However Google  is also a fastest search engine. It start giving suggestion whenever we start typing.

But Mostly every person on internet use Google to search something we just simply type and press enter or click on Google search button but as usual we never notice of use I'm feeling lucky button. As in my earlier post about Google Gravity Tricks Which is based on the usage of  I'm Feeling lucky button

Now here some Other interesting words after using that you will never forget I'm feeling lucky button to use in future.

Simply copy All Given words and paste it on Google and then press on I'm feeling lucky and see some magic

Google Gravity   for Gravity effect on Google.

Google Sphere   for spinning effect.

elgoog  for mirror effect.

Who is cutest   and see result

Here are some other effects simply type and press I'm feeling lucky 

Rainbow Google

epic Google

Annoying Google

Google pacman

Google magic

Google color

Do a Barrel Roll

Lets Its Snow 

Important note:- when you start typing on Google and if Google starts suggesting you result then don't click on any suggestion. click on I'm feeling lucky for some text  as shown above. For I'm feeling lucky button take a look as shown below.


If you enjoy this trick must share with your friends and if you face any problem regarding this topic feel free to ask below in comment. I'll glad to hep you.
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