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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is Web Hosting Service

After writing many articles on Facebook and other useful Tricks. Now i decided to turn our post and site theme toward websites,blogs,etc. So i decided to write series articles on these topics. Before writing articles on these topics. I decided to write some basic topic to increase knowledge of hosting , domains names because without the knowledge of websites, there is no meaning of seo and money with websites. So in this article I am going to discuss about web hosting and in next articles i will discuss about domain names.

Why I decided to write this article ?

Every person who take interest in internet marketing and web designing. So whenever they start their online business. Big question comes in there mind is what is web hosting ? To create a new site what is a need of hosting ? 
So here i will try to discuss about hosting, not in deep view but sufficient to make clear image in your mind.
Whenever you want to create your on website site you need web hosting.

Basic knowledge and need of  Web Hosting

Everything which you see on internet need some space for storage. If you want to store files, web pages, Scripts, Designs you need to some space on internet, so these spaces are provided by Hosting Services. It is internet hosting service which make website accessible via world wide web.
Web Hosting services are companies which provide you space on server.

There are two types of hosting service
Free Web Hosting
Paid Web Hosting

These hosting are depend on plans. Free hosting are limited and not use for business purpose. In paid hosting they provide you Disk space, Data Transfer, Domain parking, Email services, C panel, host pages of different web languages and many other features which depend on hosting plans and rates of plans.
Suppose If you want to create your own new website. Web hosting is required service that make files and design pages of  your website available on internet to every person.

So I hope if don't ever hear about hosting, then this article helps you learn sometime new. My next article will be on domain names. I hope you enjoy these articles.
If you learn something new then I request you to share this article with other peoples also. If you want gave any suggestion feel free to share your comment.
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