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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beware Of Tab Napping: Phishing Technique

What is Tab Napping?

Tab napping is new type of phishing scam that does not require you to click on any URL
to redirect you to the phishing site instead it relies on the fact that a lot of people used 
tabbed browsing(Opening multiple tabs while browsing).In tab napping one of your 
inactive tab is automatically replaced by with a new tab without your knowledge.
For example one of your inactive tab in which you have opened your bank’s website will 
be automatically replaced with the phishing site of your bank and you will be asked to enter 
your Username and password.You might think you have been signed out or
never logged in but when you will enter the details again it will be sent to the hacker.

How To Detect And Protect Yourself From Tab Napping?

Here are the simple and easy steps with which you can detect this
new phishing technique “Tab Napping”.

>> Don’t open another tab when your are working with your banking site or any other secure 
business website instead open new windows using CTRL+N .
>> Always check the URL address of the website if you return from another tab.
(Fake page will have different URL)
>> Check that the URL has secure address “https:// “ or a big green bar in front of the URL in 

address bar which certifies that it is secure and certified website.
>> If you find anything suspicious close the tab and type and open the website in new Tab. 
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