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Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 Tips To Reduce Blog Loading Time

Reduce Blog Load Time

Blog loading speed is one of the important key  of popular site. To make your site popular it also depends on Blog loading time because if your site load faster than other sites then every one want to open your site just for it fast loading time. Many sites and blogs which have good and quality content are  ruined just cause of loading time so if your site or blog load faster than you will surely get more traffic as you never except.
So, Today we discussed on Blog’ loading time and also see some important tips to reduce Blog loading time which can make your site or blog load faster and show good result.

How To Check Blog Loading Time? 

Well here is many online speed checker tool to check your blog loading time in my point of view here is best tool of Google to check your blog loading time
Google speed checker tool is the best and free speed checker tool which show you accurate loading time of your blog or site.

How To Reduce Blog Loading Time?

To reduce blog loading here are some important effective tips which always work properly to reduce your blog loading time. So let’s have a look:-

1. Avoid To Use Of JavaScript
JavaScript is web scripting language which use to make scripts for Blog or a site. Its very useful for sites. Its also heavy for sites because the scripts are big in size so they effect on loading time so avoid to use too much of JavaScript and only use the scripts you need and link it with your blog.

2. Use Quality Blogger Templates
Be careful to use any template for your blog because many template are too much heavy and
have too much scripts they are not well coded so avoid to use such like these templates. Always try to use a Quality and well coded template for your blog and upload all images which are use in your template on your on server. And in Blogger make a draft post backup of all images which are using in templates.

3. Avoid To Use Too Much Images
Do not use many images in one post try to use one or two images in one post because images are heavy in size so they they also effect on blog loading time

4. Choose A Proper Format For Images
Do not use images which are in JPEG format because JPEG format is too heavy and large in size. So always try to convert images from JPEG to an other format like PNG and GIF because these are light format of images. 

5. Remove Extra Widgets
Do not use any un useful widget in your blog because too mush widgets can effect loading speed so best thing is to remove all un necessary and extra widgets from your blog.

6. Don’t Use Too Much Ads
Avoid to use too much ads on your blog some person wants to increase there earning from ads so they implement too much ads on your blog and at the result they also loose there traffic and visitor. So avoid to use too much ads on blog just implement some ads at important places of blog.

7. Don’t Use Popup Widgets and Ads
Avoid to use popup ads and widgets in your blog because these type of widgets and ads includes Java so that’s why avoid to use these type of items in your blog to get good results.

8. Resize Images For Better Results
Resize all image in your posts as a same format like PNG and GIF and also give all a same size because large size images make problems to open.

9. Use Read More Link In Your Posts
Always use read more link or read more buttons in posts it helps to load your site faster because if you use 2 or more images read more link hide these images from your home page and your site will be faster.

10. Show Few Posts On Homepage
Always try to show 4 or 5 posts on one page because too much posts on homepage can effect on loading time of your blog

Final Words:-
Above are all important tips which can help you to make your site load faster so you can also increase your visitors and also get more traffic if you need any kind of help then please leave a comment.  
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