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Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Protect Your Eyes While Being On The Computer

Hi all users, if you are a die hard computer fan and love to spent your most of the time in front of you computer screen but don't want to give strain on your eyes by staring at your computer or laptop screen for hours every day. Then this tutorial will be proven very helpful for you, because in this tutorial I will tell you how you can protect you eyes without doing detection in the time that you spent on your computer.
Programming is the job where you have to be on computer to code, debug and get new ideas for your new your program, commonly a programmer spends at least his 8 hours in front of his or her computer. While being on  on your computer at night you must have feel uncomfortable and started adjusting the system display settings to make your eyes feel comfortable and again in morning you need to set it back to the normal settings.
So instead of doing this almost every day you should give a try to F.lux. F.lux is a free app which automatically controls and adjusts the display of your screen on day and night, according to your location and time you have set on your computer, or you can manually set your location by entering the latitude and longitude.

When its day time it will keep your screen display cooler and at night when sun goes down (sunset) it will make your screen warm. In starting you may not like it but you can change the settings temporarily, so that you can get comfortable with. You will find settings in system try of your task bar.
If you feel that color is changing  too fast, then you can change the settings and make the transition slow. For sure this is app not for people like graphic designers or someone who looks for accuracy in color display on their screen. However if you want this app to disable for certain time then you can as this app has an option to disable it for an hour.

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