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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Hack Facebook Account

Every day i get lot of comments and  emails asking questions related to Facebook Hacking, I get tired and frustrated answering the same questions every single day, So to make life easy  for me and my blog readers  today i will share the best and successful ways by which you can hack a face book Account in 2013.

Is it Possible To Hack Any FaceBook Account ?
Yes! As a matter of fact, almost anything can be hacked. But before you learn the real ways to Hack Facebook account, the following are the things you should be aware of

1. There is no ready made software that can Hack Facebook Accounts and get you the password with just a click of a button. So if you come across any website that claims to sell such software's, I would advise you not to trust them.

2. Never trust any email hacking service that claims to hack any email for just $100 or $200. Most of them are no more than a scam.

With my experience of over 4 years in the field of Hacking and Security i can say the following are the successful methods by which You can hack a Facebook Account in 2013.

How To Hack Facebook Accounts In 2013 - Top 5 Ways-
Difficulty -  Easy
Success Rate - 90 %
Key logging is one of the Easiest ways that you can use to Hack Face book Accounts. (Keylogging or keylogger) sometimes called a spying software is a small program which is used to monitor a local or a Remote PC, When a keylogger is installed on a victims computer it can monitor and capture each and every keystroke typed on the victims PC,the captured Keystrokes are sent to the Hacker.

No doubt, these keystrokes contain the victim’s Face book Account Password and other such credential data thus key logger can be used for many purposes such as monitoring, Hacking and many more

Difficulty - Moderate
Success Rate - 70 %
Phishing is an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as user names, passwords and credit card details, by appearing as a trustworthy entity . There are many Ways by which a hacker can craft his Phisher (Fake Page) to fool the victim. In a simple phishing attack a Hacker will create a phisher ( fake login page) which exactly looks like the real facebook page and then asks the victim to login into that page, 
Once the victim logins through the fake page the victims "Email Address" and "Password" is stored in a text file, The hacker then downloads the text file and get's his hands on the victims credentials. I have explained a step by step phishing process to Hack Facebook account  in the following Post
Mobile Phone Hacking
Difficulty - Easy
Success Rate - 90 %

 Many users access Facebook from their smart Phones. If you have access to the victims Mobile phone, You can easily install a Cell phone spying software and thus you can easily hack , Monitor the victims Facebook Account .Today there are Many Cellphone Spying  software's, Some of the Best are listed below

1. Mspy
                               2. Spy Phone Gold

Session Hijacking
Difficulty - Moderate
Success Rate - 70 %

Session Hijacking can be often very dangerous if you are accessing Facebook on a http:// connection, In a Session Hijacking attack a hacker steals the victims browser cookie which is used to authenticate a user on a website and uses to it to access victims account, Session hijacking is widely used on Lan's. I will soon be writing a tutorial on how to hack facebook Account by session Hijacking

Side Jacking Using Fire Sheep
Difficulty - Moderate
Success Rate - 60 %

Fire sheep is widely used to carry out side jacking attacks, Fire sheep only works when the attacker and the victim is on the same wifi network or in LAN .Fire sheep is an extension developed by Eric Butler for the FireFox web browser. The extension uses a packet sniffer to intercept unencrypted cookies from certain websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) as the cookies are transmitted over networks, exploiting session hijacking vulnerabilities.
It shows the discovered identities on a sidebar displayed in the browser, and allows the user to instantly take on the log-in credentials of the user by double-clicking on the victim's name.
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