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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Solution to avast black screen problem in windows 8

Open Avast
go to  security >Behavior Shield > Settings. and click on  Trusted Processes

Add the following 2  files by browsing them to this paths
” C:\Windows\explorer.exe ” and
” C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe “

 IF you have difficulties in browsing those two files then you can copy them and directly past them into the fields.



avast black screen problem in windows 8

this technique should have solved your black screen problem ….. :) :)

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If the above feedback does not work for your computer.You can even follow below procedure and solve your problem with windows 8.
Alternative way !

     Start your computer and log in to your windows 8 OS
    After you login with your password or a direct login with out password as usually you will get a black screen if you have an installed avast anti-virus
    press ctrl+alt+del and choose task manager , you can also do it by pressing  ctrl+shift+Esc .
    Go to startup tab in Task manager and right-click your avast! Antivirus there and choose  Open file location.
    A window will open , click on AvastUI  which will take you to avast user interface .
    Now go to security >Behavior Shield > Settings.
    Uncheck the  ” Monitor the system for unauthorized modifications  ” box .
    You are done now press ctrl+alt+del and sign out and login again. You are with your windows 8 desktop and your windows 8 black screen problem is gone. If you feel this knowledge helped you, you can comment and subscribe for forzeal to get more updates.

If your problem is sill not yet solved after trying the above 2 procedures then you  can comment your experience . I am glad to tell you if there is an alternative to your problem . Mostly your problem will be solved if you correctly follow the above procedures. 
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