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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Awesome Call Manager For Android

Call Manager allows you to specify the times when people can call or text. All calls still come in but if they are not in the list, they go directly to voicemail with no ringing or vibrating (Texts just stay silent).

No missed calls but you will not be bothered at inappropriate times either.

Assign your contacts to groups such as FRIENDS or FAMILY and set schedules for each day when the people in that group can call.

You can also set schedules for people NOT in your contacts as well as people IN your Contacts. This allows you to keep sales calls from bothering you (people NOT in your contacts) but still allow others to ring at specified times.

In addition, you can create ACTIVITIES that you can turn on or off (and have the app automatically schedule as well if you want) such as SLEEPING or WORKING.
This way you can override the standard schedule accordingly.

You can download it from below link-
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